About the Artist


Hello, and thanks for visiting Tahmi - the art of woven metal!

I am a self-taught, award-winning artist who has been exhibiting at Fine Art festivals all over the US since 2002. I make all of my designs one at a time from scratch, using my hands and simple tools.

I've always been intrigued with the textile arts. I have a loom and a spinning wheel and love to knit. But there was something about capturing the traditional arts of women in metal that really made my heart flutter. My current focus is on weaving metal into fabric, then putting that woven metal fabric behind glass to play with various magnification and distortion effects. Even making chain is like 3-D cross stitch to me! So the textile inspiration remains strong in my work. 

I made a brief video to not only give you a glimpse into my studio, but also to give you a taste of how I make my work. Enjoy!


Which pieces got voted off the island this year?