Handcrafted Silver Open Link Chain Bracelet in Argentium Sterling Silver

  • Perfect for Everyday Wear
  • Easy to Put On By Yourself - Watch the Video!
  • Dresses up or Down with Ease
  • Delicate, Open Weave Design
  • A Classic, Minimalist Look
  • Handcrafted in the USA to Last
  • Sustainably Made
  • Lightweight and Comfortable to Wear

This intricate, silver design looks quite simple from a distance. It is not until you get up close that you can see the true complexity behind the rings. The rings are a stunning mix of large and small, round and squared shapes. Some links have been polished to create a smooth, shiny surface, others have more modern, square edges with flat mirrored surfaces, while others have been textured to add even more visual interest. The open and lightweight necklace has been crafted by hand using Argentium sterling silver, the low tarnish sterling silver alloy.

This bracelet is lightweight and super easy to put on one handed, thanks to my special clasp. As a special bonus, if you also have the matching necklace, you can extend the length of the necklace by hooking the bracelet and necklace together for times when extra extravagance is required.

  Size: The bracelet can be ordered in a variety of lengths from 7 - 9 inches.

 Weight: An 8 inch bracelet weighs .43 ounces. Other lengths will vary in weight.



My signature spiral clasp is easy to put on with just one hand!

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