Oval Bamboo Hoop Drop Earrings with Sterling Silver and Glass

  • Perfect for Everyday Wear
  • Lightweight and Sparkly
  • Fun Boho Design
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Made with Sustainably Grown Bamboo
  • Attention Getting Woven Metal and Glass Design - Watch the Video!
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The theory behind Feng Shui can be applied to every aspect of your life, including your jewelry box. The aim is to bring balance and calm by incorporating the five elements: fire, wood, air, metal and water. These silver earrings do all that and more! The bamboo design covers the wood element, while metal and water are combined in the center charm. Air comes courtesy of negative space while the fire is represented by the flash of light from the angled glass.

The fiery sparkle has been created with Tahmi’s signature metal-under glass technique. Hand woven wire attracts the light while the glass reflects it in all different directions. The result is eye-catching and irresistible shine.

 Size: Each drop earring is 1 3/4 inches long (measured from the ball on the earwire) and 7/8 of an inch wide. 

 Weight: These hanging earrings are also light weight and comfortable, weighing just .1 of an ounce each - just a little more than the weight of a penny (.09 oz).

• Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver - this is the low tarnish sterling silver alloy made from 100% recycled silver. Traditional sterling silver is .925% silver, but Argentium sterling silver is .935%. That little bit of extra pure silver gives Argentium a brighter, whiter color making it look more like platinum.

Click here to learn why Argentium is so much better than traditional sterling silver!

• Glass: Clear pieces of glass are embedded on top of the woven metal.

• Bamboo: The wood accents are created from stained, sustainably farmed bamboo.

• Packaging: Items are packaged with an anti-tarnish tab in a recycled paper gift box with anti-tarnish filler, which makes for easy gifting and storage.

• Ear Guards: If you ordered french hook earwires, they are sent with complementary soft plastic ear guards to provide extra assurance that your earrings will stay on.

I have pioneered a new technique which creates the woven metal under glass effect. Using a medieval finger weaving technique, I weave strips from thin metal wire. I then take that woven metal fabric and embed it behind glass. The different shapes of glass either magnify or distort the underlying weave creating many interesting visual effects. In order to take these visual effects even further, I then fuse layers of glass in my kiln and put the woven metal fabric behind that.

But my favorite part is how the bends and the twists of the woven metal fabric interact with the light that is focused by the glass. The intense sparkly nature of these pieces rivals the sparkle in a well cut diamond!

Here is a brief video of me weaving the woven metal fabric:

To learn more, check out this page on the entire process.

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How is it made?

Watch Tahmi weaving a section of metal fabric.

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