Tips on keeping your Argentium Sterling Silver Pretty

by Tahmi Deschepper August 28, 2023 2 min read

Tips on keeping your Argentium Sterling Silver Pretty

Hey there, lovely jewelry enthusiasts! Today, we're going to chat about how to keep your Argentium Sterling Silver pieces looking their absolute best. If you haven't heard of Argentium before, don't worry; it's the low-tarnish superstar of the sterling silver world, and you can learn more about it here. But like all things beautiful, it needs a little TLC every now and then.


tahmi argentium silver jewelry set

Ah, sparkly goodness! 


Cleaning your precious Argentium jewels is a breeze. Dust and grime are no biggie; just give them a gentle bath in some lukewarm, soapy water. Let them soak up the suds for around three minutes, then give 'em a loving wipe with a soft cotton cloth. Let those beauties air dry, and they'll be gleaming in no time!


soapy water for argentium silver cleaning

Suds away!


Got a bit of tarnish creeping in? Fear not! Here's my favorite little trick: baking soda magic! Grab a plate, add some water, and mix in a dollop of baking soda to create a paste. The thicker, the better! Then, grab a trusty toothbrush, dip it in the baking soda paste, and scrub away that pesky tarnish. Presto! No chemical odors, and it's a bonus for your pipes when you rinse it down the drain!

For those who prefer a silver cloth, I've got you covered. Goddard's is the go-to choice for cleaning Argentium. But, and this is important, steer clear of strong dips like Tarnex. Those acidic dips might chip away at the protective Germanium layer that keeps tarnish at bay. Let's keep our Argentium shiny and happy, right?


women enjoying the beach without wearing jewelry

No Jewelry Here, Just Fun In the Sun!


Now, let's talk about wearing your fabulous jewelry with a dash of thoughtfulness. Argentium is totally up for everyday wear, but remember to remove it when showering or swimming. Chlorine-treated pool water can be a bit naughty, munching on the surface layer of jewelry like it's a snack. Although Argentium is a champ and handles it better than 14K gold, it can still lead to quicker tarnishing. Let's keep those jewels sparkling! 

When it's time to put your cherished pieces to bed, show 'em some love by storing them properly. We all know that exposure to pesky chemicals in the air can dull even the shiniest silver. To avoid this heartbreak, pop your Argentium gems in an airtight bag with a special anti-tarnish strip. It's like a spa retreat for your jewelry! 


storage pouch for silver jewelry

Each piece in their own cozy space, so cute! 


If you're a proud owner of multiple pieces (lucky you!), give them their own space. Use soft-lined boxes or pouches, ensuring they don't get into any sibling rivalries and rub together. Always make sure your bling is dry before tucking it away for the night.

To wrap it up, Argentium Sterling Silver is the low-tarnish, low-care champ you've been waiting for. These tips will keep your jewelry looking as good as new, and who wouldn't want that? If you're itching to add more Argentium magic to your wardrobe (and why wouldn't you be?), check out my incredible collection right here.