3 Approaches To Simplifying Your Wardrobe

by Tahmi Deschepper August 26, 2021 3 min read

3 Approaches To Simplifying Your Wardrobe


The world of fashion sometimes feels too fast and too daunting. But what if I told you that standing out isn’t always about going big or going flashy? Sometimes, simplicity can have the greatest impact on the statement you want to make. The question is where to start, and how do you go about simplifying your wardrobe?

Here are three methods of approaching your wardrobe that will leave you feeling more confident and will also give you a better sense of self expression. It's time to stop trying to blend in with the latest craze and to find your simple style that expresses your own unique personality.


Style: The Minimalist

This is all about cutting down and removing the clutter from your existing wardrobe. When done mindfully you are left with a selection of clothes that work well together, making putting together an outfit in the morning a breeze. At the same time, you'll be surprised by how much money you'll save by not purchasing trendy pieces that you might only wear once or twice.

A minimalist wardrobe can still have a fashionable edge through the use of timeless styles. It’s all about keeping the pieces you love and taking away the mental stress that comes with picking out clothes amid too many choices. You’ll be investing in clothes that you know were made to last as well, giving you peace of mind.

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Style: The Capsule

This is the choice if you enjoy puzzles as it certainly requires both thought and planning. The key thing to remember is that you are choosing quality over quantity and clothes that are made for specific tasks as well as seasonal use.

Generally speaking, there are less than 20 pieces total in a capsule wardrobe that you then mix and match into a variety of interesting outfits. Start by choosing the base color you would like to wear, then add the basic essentials (like pants, button up shirt, classic shell) in other neutral tones alongside items of clothing with accent colors. You can also add a couple of patterned items as well if you are feeling especially adventurous!

While you can go with any base colors, navy or black are the best choices to keep things simple and remain as neutral as possible for the most versatile outfits. Just remember this important question while building your capsule wardrobe - “Does it coordinate with my chosen colors?” Capsule wardrobes contain both seasonal and regular outfits, so taking the time to plan is essential.

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Style: The Uniform

This really is one of the best and simplest options, one donned by masters of the tech industry such as Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs. Essentially, you wear the same outfit every day, and that outfit becomes a part of who you are - your personal brand if you will.

Find the clothing that fits your personal style and add one color (like a red belt) to add a perfect little pop for interest. Keep in mind that you are creating a look that works equally well for all the places that you normally go. The focus isn’t on wearing a bold statement piece, it’s on subtle little details such as the cut, pattern, and fabric choice. This one approach sounds like it should be the easiest of the 3, but it is actually the hardest to pull off well.

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It’s easier than you think to simplify your wardrobe and to create a unique sense of style that captures your personality. It just takes a little thought, a little planning and maybe a lot of trips to donate the pieces that no longer work for you. But once you have a focused wardrobe, you'll find that feeling of "oh no, what to wear today?" to be a thing of the past.

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