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AS SEEN ON The Young and the Restless - Mixed Metal Square Fuzzy Necklace

Get the necklace worn by by Jill Abbott (played by Jess Walton) in season 46 episode 222 of the Young and the Restless!

I think this clip perfectly captures my favorite thing about this necklace. Since all of the rings are flat on each edge, the necklace captures the light like it's faceted, which makes for a sparkly necklace under any lighting.


How does the clasp work?

The secure spiral clasp that I have designed is easy to put on for yourself - see the video below! 

This clasp has a few fun side effects with the necklaces. You can wear the necklace backwards, and hook it up short leaving the clasp to hang like a pendant. Also, since the chain necklaces and bracelets share the same clasp you can tinkertoy together any number of necklaces and bracelets to create your own designs! This is a great way to get more use out of pieces you might already own.

Materials (all alloys are nickel free!): 

Mixed Metal (Silver/Gold): Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill wire and Argentium Sterling Silver